Web Design for Scientific Websites

Red Pebble Web Design specializes in websites that present scientific information.  With a unique skill-set and years of experience collecting, analyzing and presenting scientific data, I work well with scientists and enjoy building websites that summarize research projects and present outcomes to the public.  Specific skills include:

  • Thorough understanding of  the scientific process
  • History of presenting scientific data orally and graphically
  • Ability to look at information being presented from both the perspective of researchers and the perspective of the public
  • Ability to collaborate with committees of scientists.

I have a Masters Degree… In Science

A long time ago,  I received both BS and a MS degrees in science.  Always a bit at odds with my love for all things artistic, I hit the jackpot with a job at the UMD Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI).  In addition to lab work and field work, the new-girl was given the onerous task of developing the websites required by the outreach component of several grants.  I continue to work as an employee of NRRI, although I’ve officially moved through the ranks from Junior Scientist to Web Developer.

The specifics:

M.S. Geology, University of Delaware, 2000
A comparison of bed material transport through forested and grassed reaches of a small gravel bedded stream of the Pennsylvania Piedmont

B.S. Geology, B.S. Mathematics,
University of Minnesota, 1997
Minor in Computer Science

Portfolio of Scientific Websites

Sites built in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, Duluth, Natural Resources Research Institute, and Minnesota SeaGrant.

Center for Great Lakes Literacy

A constantly evolving project, this website serves as a portal for educators throughout the Great Lakes watershed.

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Rivers 2 Lake

A portal for online curriculum related to the Lake Superior watershed and the St. Louis River with a private back-end where teachers can log their experiences using the teaching materials.

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St. Louis River Estuary – The Stories and the Science

An collaborative outreach project to educate Duluth citizens about their diverse river estuary. Winner of an Outstanding Programming Award, Great Lakes Sea Grant Network.

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Canada Lynx in the Great Lakes Region

A collaborative effort from 2003-2007 with Dr. Ron Moen.

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Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas

A collaborative effort with NRRI, the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas documents the distribution of every species that currently breeds in Minnesota and provides a solid foundation for future conservation efforts.

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Lake Superior – Duluth Streams

One of my first websites while working at NRRI. Highlighting the 42 named streams in Duluth, MN, this site still generates traffic.

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Bats in the Arrowhead: Monitoring Sounds and Mist-Netting

A collaborative effort with Dr. Ron Moen, NRRI

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