About Red Pebble Web Design

Red Pebble Web Design is a one-person web design and development business owned by me, Jane Reed.

I started this business in 2005 after my previous career in natural sciences morphed from field and lab work into the creation of educational websites ABOUT science. With the encouragement and advice of co-workers and many self-employed friends, I took the leap and started red pebble.

I never anticipated how dynamic this field would be.  Simple websites with limited color and font choices, all set to display on a screen 640 pixels wide, are now a thing of the past.  Phones, tablets, retina screen… technology forges ahead yet my focus remains the same:

I love to design clean, simple websites.

When I’m not cloistered in my office staring at my shiny bright Apple (and my growing assortment of phones and devices) , I like to play outside in my gardens, on my bicycles, in the snow, and on Lake Superior.